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When darkness falls across the land, Light rises in warriors’ heart. -------An Ancient Prohecy He is back. The dark tyrant, chaos bringer and the destroyer, Bazut, once started the war all over the land but sealed by the unity of Light at the end, revive again. His dreadful minions conquered all kingdoms one by one, kill and burn the land to waste. Rumriel, City of Radiant, became the last bastion of all peaceful races. And you, warriors with the power of Light are the last and sole hope of this land. Join this epic adventure and write you own legend! Empower your warriors, battle with powerful heroes from all races, rebuild the unity of Light and reclaim peace to the world. * An action RPG with strong hack’ n ’Slash experience *Build your own adventure group. -Choose variety powerful heroes as your companions. -Empower & Customize heroes with unique equipment and symbols * Explore and conquer variety dungeons for great treasures with your friends - Real-time PVE gameplay with class strategy * Customize you warriors with over 500 outfits and VFX * Fight players around the world, use strategy and control to conquer your rivals - Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP - Several PVP mode from 1vs.1 to 15vs.15 with heroes pick strategy

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  • Release Date: Mid April, 2018
  • Game Type: ARPG
  • Developer: NEOCRAFT
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Online Multiplayer Action RPG Cute Character MMO PVP Co-op Tablet

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